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Lots of fun and endless customization possibilities.

What is it?

The Chromatic Collection Base is a big pack of textures that includes 100 colours and optimizes the way hairstyles work saving space on your disk while increasing the customization options.

The Chromatic Collection Extras is an optional extension of the collection that lets you combine colours in game the way you want, giving you a million possibilities to customize the look of the hairstyles. It basically works as a Do-it-yourself colour system.

How does it work?

All you need to do is download the Base package for each collection, which is required for the hairstyles to work correctly, and put it in your Mods folder. And that’s it! Remember that you only need one base file per collection, so make sure to download the one you need for your game.

The Chromatic Collection only works with specific hairstyles that have the chromatic sphere on the hair preview and in CAS Thumbnail. The sphere has a number inside that corresponds to the collection required for the hair to work.

    • This is how the file name is structured:

    • Textures
      Anto_S4Textures_Chromatic[collection number]_Base_[version]_[HQ/NonHQ]_[slider compatibility].package
    • Hairstyles
      Anto_S4Hair_[hair number]_Chromatic[collection number]_[hair name].package

    File size

    By now you must be thinking about purchasing another hard disk for the 500 textures included in this huge pack , not to mention all the hairs using it. Good news for you, this collection will save you a bunch of megas.

    The way The Chromatic Collection is thought optimizes the files like no one does. My non chromatic hairstyles included 60 colours making each .package weigh around 50mb, and The Chromatic Collection that includes 100 colours weighs 28,5mb1 plus 4-5mb per hair.


    Chromatic Colours

    The collection includes 100 handmade swatches which cover a wide palette of colours. All colours were made carefully, so the texture keeps as much detail as possible in all of them.

    Since there’s a big number of swatches they might cover half of the CAS UI, so I recommend using this mod to increase the columns number in CAS. It will allow you to visualize more hairs at once and will fix the issue.

    The number of swatches won’t render your game slower as all chromatic hairs share the same resources. This means that once the game loads The Chromatic Collection for one hair, it will work for the rest without loading anything more.



    Collection 1 v1.1

    • Updated CAS Thumbnail
    • Bicolour/Chunky Textures

    Collection 1 v1.2

    • Updated textures
    • New no scalp version
    • Colour slider mod compatibility.

    Collection 2 V1.0

    • Includes braids/hairlocks textures for new hairs.

    Collection 1 v1.3

    • Color Slider Textures fixed for werewolves pack

    Collection 2 v.1.1

    • Color Slider Textures fixed for werewolves pack

    Download base

    Remember that these are the Base packages of the collection required for the hairs to work and not the Extras.

    Which collection would you like to download?

    The Chromatic Collection: Base

    The Chromatic Collection: Extras

    While the base files are all you need to enjoy the chromatic hairstyles, the Extras give you a million options more to customize the them even further with the following things:

    • Roots
    • Ombré
    • Highlights
    • Chunky
    • Bicolour

    1 File size may vary depending on the version you download (HQ/NonHQ).