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My name is Antonio.
I am an architect and a 3D artist based in Spain.

I am a passionate 3D artist who spends free time modeling stuff listening to music, or playing videogames.

I’ve been around here for a while, a long while… I started making content for The Sims back in The Sims 2 era, but I have been a simmer since the very first Sims game.

I decided to make my own CC because back in the day I didn’t like the hairstyles that came with the game. At the start my stuff wasn’t quite good, but after many years, here I am, doing hairs for new Sims games, and so far I still love it.

I guess I’m a creative person, as I find more entertaining creating content than consuming it. That’s why I am constantly modeling new hairstyles, or learning new things such as music production, web design, among other random things.

You can also explore my work on Patreon or follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr if you want.

I hope you have a great day!