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Some things you should know before fiddling with my creations.

What you may do

  • You may not make my creations as yours.

  • You may not use part of my meshes.
  • You may not use my textures.
  • You may retexture my hairs but don’t include the mesh.

  • Don’t upload my hairs in other sites.

Don’t steal

I needed years of experience to make pretty items for you all, it takes a lot of time and effort to make my creations, so please, don’t share them elsewhere.

If you want to edit meshes for personal use it’s fine, and you can recolour them and share the recolours wherever you want, but don’t include the mesh. Also don’t forget to give me credit for the mesh.

Don’t sell

I’m offering my old creations for free here and the latest ones on Patreon, so don’t sell them on other platforms such as Final Fantasy, GTA, IMVU, Second Life, Roblox, etc. nor other 3D CG sites.

I will take legal actions against anyone who doesn’t respect my policies and violates my intelectual property.


The Sims 4

You can convert hairstyles to other ages as long as you credit me for the mesh and textures and add a link back to the original hair.

Please don’t share hairs that aren’t posted publicly yet and don’t monetize them.

Other games

You can convert hairstyles (non chromatic/prior to 2020)  to other games as long as the conversion is free, not behind a paywall, and you give me credit for the original work.

Please don’t convert hairs that aren’t posted publicly yet.