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I uncompressed the file I downloaded and it shows a folder called _MACOSX.

I used a MacBook Pro for a while, and when I compressed the files using MacOS it also adds that especial folder that is invisible for Mac users. If you see this folder when you uncompress it just delete it, the .package file you need is outside of that folder.

Do you share your sims?

My models are for personal use only. I suggest you to download items from different designers and mix them to achieve an unique and original look

Can you share your Origin ID?

My sister and I use the same Origin account, so I can’t share it.

Can you teach me how to make hair?

Learning how to mesh requires a lot of time, patience, and practice, it’s not something you’ll learn in a week or a month.

Nowadays there are plenty of tutorials on the net about how to do anything, and there’s also Sims4Studio forum where they have many tutorials focused on Sims 4 CC, so take a look at their website, and don’t forget Youtube, as there are also many videotutorials of how to make everything.

If there’s one specific question related to CC creation, you can contact me and I will gladly help, but I don’t have time to teach the entire process of how to do one hair. Hope you can understand it.

I’d like to support you

First of all, thank you in advance if you’re willing to support me ❤.

If you really want to support me and my work, you can subscribe to my Patreon. You can find there my latest creations as well, and access to join my Discord server.

Chromatic Collection

My sims appear with red/white squares and question marks.

This issue happens when the game can’t locate the textures for a specific item. You probably downloaded one hair that requires The Chromatic Collection and you didn’t download the collection itself. Make sure you got at least the base package of the collection you need.

The hair textures look grainy.

After EA released the Werewolves patch some textures became incompatible with the game. This issue was addressed but you may have an outdated version of The Chromatic Collection. You have to delete the version you have by going to your Mods folder and looking for Anto_S4Textures and removing these files. Then, download The Chromatic Collection again and the issue should be solved.

Some hairs have missing/black parts.

The chromatic hairs come in 3 different styles: base, chunky, and bicolour. First one has a blonde CAS thumbnail, while the other two have a two-toned thumbnail. With these hairs you can mix two different colours, one comes from the hair itself, and the other one requires an accessory called Chunky/Bicolour, which is the texture for this missing part. With it you can select the second colour for the hair.

Will The Chromatic Collection make my game run slower?

No, it won’t. The hairs are optimized in a way that they all share the same textures, making your game load less data and consuming less resources.

Sims appear bald in S4S

The chromatic hairs are meant to be used in The Sims 4 game, they aren’t fully compatible with S4S. Even if it appears bald in this tool the hairs will work in game.

Sims 2

Where do I place the files I downloaded?

If the file is .sims2pack, just click twice on it and The Sims 2 Installer will pop up and install it.

For .package files should go in Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads.

If the file you downloaded is different than a .package, like a .zip o .rar for example, you have to uncompress it first.

What are meshes? And, do I have to download them?

Meshes are very important, because is the 3D shape of hairs, clothes… You must download them if you want to see the content in your game. Most of the files have the meshes inside, because I don’t like to put them out of the pack, I like everything inside one file, it’s easier for everybody.

Sims 3

Where do I place the files I downloaded?

If the file is a .sims3pack file, it should go in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads, and you will have to install it through the game launcher.

The .package files should go in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods.

If the file you downloaded is different than a .package or .sims3pack, like a .zip o .rar for example, you have to uncompress it first.

Sims 4

Where do I place the files I downloaded?

The .package files should go in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.

If the file you downloaded is different than a .package, like a .zip o .rar for example, you have to uncompress it first.

Your hairs show yellow strands in game

In sims 4, you need to set your graphics settings to max, and disable laptop mode. If laptop mode is enable hairs won’t be able to show transparency, so you will see some yellow/cream strands on them.

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