Where's CoolSims?

It's all here! After many years without updating the site I decided to renew it and go with my name instead. Hairs that were previously here got a refresh, now you can sort them by gender and game easier than before.

External hairstyles

As some of you know, I also post my hairs on The Sims Resource and Patreon. Those hairs will remain there, as this website is kind of like my portfolio with all my hairstyles. I will add them here little by little as there are way too many

Website in progress

I hope you like what you see here, but if there's something not working properly, please, message me and I will try to fix it. I tried to build the website as good as I can but there might be some issues I missed. Thank you! ❤

Latest hairstyle

Hello there! Welcome to my brand new website. Here you will find all the hairs I made since I started with CC.

The latest hair was made especially for kids, so I focused on something simple and cute, such a curly tail with a lace.

The lace colours can be found in hats category.

Hope you like it ?

Recent hairstyles

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