Terms of use

  • You may not make my creations as yours.
  • You may not use part of my meshes.
  • You may not use my textures.
  • You may retexture my hairs but I’d be glad if you didn’t include the mesh.
  • Don’t upload my hairs in other sites.

Don't steal

I needed years of experience to make pretty items for you all, it takes a lot of time and effort to make my creations, so please, don't share them elsewhere pretending you made them.

If you want to edit meshes for personal use it's fine, and you can recolour them and share the recolours wherever you want, but don't include the mesh. Also don't forget to give me credit for the mesh ❤.

Don't sell

I'm offering my old creations for free here and the latest ones as early access on Patreon (which eventually are free), so don't sell them on other platforms such as IMVU, Second Life, Roblox, etc. nor other 3D CG sites.


Other games

I've got many request from people wanting to port my hairs for games like Final Fantasy and Skyrim (and other nexus mods games). Those of you feel free to convert them for free, as all these years you all have respected my policy and credited my work. Thank you ❤.

For further questions feel free to send me a message on tumblr/insta/twitter/patreon.

Site not endorsed or afilated with EA. All the stuff here is made by me, so please respect my policy.

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